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Kindergarten Half Day Program

Kindergarten is a very important year. At McArthur School we offer an am Kinderrgarten class and pm if numbers are permitting. It is, for most children, their first experience in a school setting. At McArthur School, our Kindergarten Teacher works very hard to ensure all students have an excellent first school year. Each child comes to school with their own knowledge and background and we feel it is important to move them forward from where they are. This means that regardless of their starting point, each child will recieve the support they need to be successful and to propare them for their school career.

Early Literacy (Language Arts):  Students will be introduced to a variety of literacy activities. We will be doing shared and guided reading as well as printing, journal writing, and literature based activities. Home reading begins in February.

Early Numeracy (Math):  In math, we use the program Maximizing Math. this program provices a variety of hands-on experiences for student to explore and learn different math concpts. The program involves utilizing computer programs, a variety of centers (games, manipulatives, puzzles, etc.), morning calendar routines, and independent table work activities to help students learn math concepts and develop problem solving skills.

Citizenship and Identity (Social Studies):  We focus on two comprehensive units titled, "I am Unique" and "I Belong". Kindergarten emphasizes a strong sense of identity and self-esteem and is a student's first introduction to citizenship.

Other Subjects to be Covered

  • Environment and Community Awareness (Science)
  • Personal and Social Responsibility (Health)
  • Physical Skills and Well-Being (Physical Education and Health)
  • Creative Expression (Art, Drama, and Music)




The purpose of elementary schooling is to provide opportunities for students to develop an appreciation for learning; acquire fundamental learning skills which will enable them to progress to more difficult learning, acquire a requisite knowledge in the physical, intellectual, and personal functioning areas; acquire the requisite social skills which will enable them to function effectively both in school and community; develop certain desirable attitudes and commitments towards themselves, their peers and the world as they know it.

McArthur School is equipped with technology such as Chromebooks, school wide Wi-Fi, SmartBoards, document cameras and FM Systems. Students receive daily scheduled time in the gymnasium and weekly scheduled time in music, art and health. Grades 4-6 students also receive 98 annual hours of instruction in French as a Second Language (FSL).

All students receive curricular instruction corresponding to Alberta Education's Program of Studies and then are assessed in the following subject areas: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Art, Health and Music.

Click here to view curriculum summaries at each grade level.