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We are most grateful for the assistance, time and talents parents and other interested persons in the community are willing to share with our school.  Volunteers can assist in our school in a number of areas.  Teachers will notify parents of the need for volunteers in their classes.  Please note that EPSB policy requires all volunteers to fill in a volunteer registration form which will be sent home at the beginning of the year.  If a field trip involves an overnight, those parents volunteering will require a police check in order to participate.

Benefits of Volunteer Involvement

Benefits to students:

  • contact with a variety of supportive adult role-models
  • additional individual attention
  • understanding that education is important to parents, guardians and community members
  • feeling valued and supported by their community

 Benefits to staff:

  • better understanding of the community in which they work
  • better understanding of students through contact with volunteers
  • help with specific projects, events and activities

 Benefits to volunteers

  • opportunity to be engaged in the school community
  • opportunity to contribute to the positive future of the community
  • better understanding of students, staff, the school community and public education
  • opportunity to use or discover new talents and skills

 Benefits to the community

  • pride in local schools
  • better understanding of school and district priorities
  • stronger sense of district community
  • embracing diversity within the community

McArthur School values the partnership of staff, students, parents and community in supporting teaching and learning. Volunteers provide much needed support to our schools by working positively and cooperatively with our school. Thank you!

If you are interested in volunteering in any way at McArthur School, please see the office for a volunteer registration form. 

McArthur Volunteers are invited and welcomed to the annual Spring Volunteer Tea.