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    Welcome to McArthur School!  We are excited to be part of this community where we can share all the great things that are happening here.  McArthur Elementary is situated in North-West Edmonton currently with classes from Kindergarten to Grade 6. McArthur is also a designated Learning Strategies and a Behaviour Learning Assistance site for Edmonton Public Schools.  Along with these programs, McArthur is fortunate to house the Big Sisters and Big Brothers mentorship programs to benefit and enrich our student’s educational experience. 

    We value our community being involved with our school -  Living up to our slogan:



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Dear Families, 

Welcome to McArthur School. 


This year has been like no other and we would have liked to have been able to have families come into the school to see our classrooms and meet students and teachers.  As we were not able to do so due to restrictions, we have put together a couple of short videos based on our Kindergarten and Division 1 and 2 programs so that you might see what students are learning about in these classrooms. 

McArthur School Videos


McArthur School serves students in Kindergarten through grade 6 and we take pride in creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for our students and families.  Our priority is student growth and success and we know students success is best achieved when we all work collaboratively with you as partners to maximize the potential of all our students.  We are committed to providing a positive learning environment which will foster and support high academic and behavioral expectations, capitalizing on the value of relationships for students and parents.

We believe:

  • In providing a safe and supportive learning environment to foster growth,diversity, and community.

At McArthur School, students build strong foundations, which will serve them well in Junior High, High School and beyond. We provide many opportunities for students to grow and increase achievement. We foster student’s growth by having a variety of interventions during the week: reading ability groups, math ability groups, intervention throughout the day to support both academics, and social/emotional development.

Our school focuses on leadership, providing many opportunities for students to build their leadership skills by leading a club, working with others, making decisions to help improve our school and more. This helps to create a strong sense of community in our building, where we celebrate the diversity of our school and promote high quality character traits in all our students.

With the strong support we receive from McArthur Advisory Council, McArthur is technologically  equipped as we prepare students for their futures. With their support we are able to provide a number of different learning opportunities for our students throughout the year.

Together, We Shine Brightly




Colbie Bell,