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Lunchroom Information & Registration

The lunchroom program at McArthur School is intended for children who are bussed in or for students with parents who are unable to be home during the lunch hour.  Lunch students bring their lunches to school and are supervised over the lunch hour from 12:15 to 1:00 p.m.  The fee for the program is $15.00 per month, payable at the beginning of each month. Parents/Guardians can pay in the office with cash, cheque, or interac.  Payments can also be made on through your parent SchoolZone account. 

Nutrition Program at McArthur

We know that healthy eating helps children learn throughout the school day. We are excited that McArthur will start offering a morning meal to students, through funding from Alberta Education's School Nutrition Program. The program will be delivered in partnership with our school nutrition partner, e4c. This fall, we will be working with staff, students and families to bring this program into our school community. It is the intention that: 

* The program is available to all students of the school and students will decide if they wish to access it on a daily basis based on whether or not they are hungry.

* Parents are able to continue to send food with their children but have the reassurance their children also have access to healthy food at school.

* The program will focus on a morning meal made up of four food groups and follows the Alberta Nutritional Guidelines for Children and Youth.

* The program strives to educate and empower students around nutrition and healthy eating habits.