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McArthur School yellow bus transportation is provided ONLY to students eligible because:

1)  Students are registered in the Strategies Program in Zone 5, but not necessarily within the designated school area boundary of McArthur School.  Eligibility is based on the severity of your child’s disability or recommendation by the Principal to attend a special education needs program at a school other than your neighborhood’s designated school.

2)  Regular program (or regular receiving) busing is provided by Edmonton Public Schools in neighborhoods where there is no local neighbourhood school, but only where the walk distance to the designated school is excessive and where ETS service does not meet standards. 

Note that Student Transportation Fees for the 2017-2018 school year are $30.00 per month for student of the above categories. You may inquire at the office for a reduced annual rate when you purchase the full year in advance. Other students looking to purchase an ETS student bus pass can do so in the school office for $55.00 per month.

BUS FAMILIES:  It is important to telephone or e-mail the school office at 780-455-2728, or mcarthur@epsb.ca, when your child will not be taking the bus home from school.

Please pay careful attention to the Bus zone's for our students safety.