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Parent Groups

McArthur Parent Society of Edmonton (PAC)

Parents are vital to the continued strength of our education system and their involvement plays an important role in student success.  Through involvement in school councils parents have an opportunity to influence the delivery and outcomes of school programs.  We encourage parents to become involved with their child’s school and to come sit in on a meeting or meetings that are held once a month.  We would appreciate hearing from your and providing the team with your input.  Thank you.

McArthur School Fundraising Council

The McArthur Fundraising Council takes part in raising funds and allocates these funds to the school. These fundraising opportunities help with many aspects of school activities, particularly the school year end events, such as Fun Day and Year End School Awards.  It is the fundraising council that works hard together to promote the well-being and effectiveness of the entire school community and thereby enhancing every student’s school experience.