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Lunch & Nutrition

Lunchroom Information & Registration

The lunchroom program at McArthur School is intended for children who are bussed in or for students with parents who are unable to be home during the lunch hour.  Lunch students bring their lunches to school and are supervised over the lunch hour from 11:33 to 12:27 p.m.  The fee for the program is $13.35 per child per month payable at the beginning of the month.  Families with 2 or more children pay $30.00 per month.  If you are able and would like to make one lump sum payment for the school year (no post-dated cheques) theamount will be $133.50 per child.

Due to the large number of children who must stay due to bussing or working parents, we would request that the “drop in” program be used for special circumstances only.  Parents who will be accessing the “drop in” program at a cost of $2.00 per day per student, are encouraged to purchase a booklet of 6 tickets for $10.00 or a booklet of 12 tickets for $20.00 from the office.  This will eliminate the handling of cash by our lunchroom supervisors.

Parent Council Hot Lunch Program

McArthur School Fundraiser Council hosts a monthly Hot Lunch fundraiser.  The Parent Council plan a different hot lunch from any one of our favorite local businesses. There is care and consideration for the nutritional value of what our students are offered at this Hot Lunch festivity. The hot lunches are delicious and fun for all students.  The fundraising monies go towards year end activities and awards for our students. We really enjoy our parent council treating us to special days like this and always look forward to the monthly Hot Lunch day.  Thank you so much Parent Council! We love what you do!!!