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McArthur Culture

McArthur is a community school located in Wellington Community at 13535- 134 Street.  We invite you to visit and see for yourself all that McArthur has to offer!

Family Groupings

At McArthur, our students meet in family groupings once a month to enjoy various activities. A few students from each grade level form a group of about 20 students. These groups rotate to different classrooms or areas in the school to work with each teacher in our building. Students build character traits such as being caring, helpful, trustworthy, and generous by working with and developing relationships with children of different ages. Teachers also benefit by getting to know more students at our school.

Welcome to “The Zones of Regulation"

This year McArthur School will be introducing the Zone's of Regulation school wide as an effective way for students to be aware of their emotions and feelings in an effort to help them identify them and teach them methods of dealing with them in a positive way to reduce negative behaviours and increasing the positive things students do to have more happy and productive days. There are four zones that the children can experience: the Red Zone, the Yellow Zone, the Green Zone and the Blue Zone.

The Red Zone describes the more intense emotions which lead to anger, rage, terror and others which indicate a student is “out of control”.

The Yellow Zone is used to describe such emotions as: stress, frustration, silliness, anxiety, the wiggles and other such behaviours but they are still showing some control over them.

The Green Zone describes those times when a student is happy, content, focused and alert. Students who are in this zone show us that this is when optimal learning occurs.

The Blue Zone is used to describe those times a student is in a low state of alertness like being sad, tired, sick or bored.

By teaching our students (and staff) how to recognize when they are in one of these zones and providing strategies to assist them to move past (or in the case of the Green Zone, maintain) their emotions, it is our belief that they will increase their learning opportunities and thus help them become more successful which will lead to increased happiness and well being. It is important for our students to realize that we are all in “a Zone” all throughout the day and there are ways to get through the difficult ones and enjoy the Green Zone more often. At McArthur we believe it is important to work through the zones NOT to ignore them.

Let’s all strive to "Be aware of our zone!”